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Since I like to read a lot, I have another book to recommend to you all. Left neglected is the story of Sarah Nickerson and her high power life…(more)


So JP completed the Tough Mudder on Saturday with me tagging along. It was a true team effort as we certainly couldn’t have done it without the help…(more)


May is National Physiotherapy Month, and if you have had Physiotherapy, liked your Physiotherapist, and like exercising – you’re in luck!…(more)


Michael Outram, affectionately known as “Mr. Mike” by his gymnastics students endured a life changing injury to his cervical spine in a routine dismount off a trampoline. Slipping through the foam padding, Michael landed on his head on the concrete floor, compressing his spine and fracturing two vertebrae in his neck.
Michael’s body was fully paralyzed immediately after his unfortunate dismount in November of 2010. Mike remained in bed for 5 months before he was able to independently transfer himself into a wheelchair.

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Michael Outran – Spinal Cord Injury

I had a stroke whilst in for a standard hernia procedure in 2006. After a couple of months in hospital and 6 weeks of the inpatient services, I was discharged to find my way. I spent 6 years post stroke searching for the correct facility to continue to improve upon my recovery they are the best with cutting edge rehab equipment in the Province!

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Aim2Walk is the best rehabilitation centre my son has ever used. My son is 12 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. He has been using physio and OT services since he was 3 months old and Aim2Walk is the first clinic that is all encompassing. The people who work at Aim2Walk, and Aaron, the President, not only have a wealth of experience, but are passionate about helping people and it shows in all their efforts.
Jan Magee – Mother of child with CP

While fishing with friends on the Magnetawan River in August of 1993, Jennifer’s 16 ft aluminum boat was struck by a 30 ft steel fishing boat. The boat, hitting Jennifer in the upper back caused a flexion/extension break in her neck (C3, C4, C5, T1) and back (L2, L3) rendering her paralyzed from the neck down. Jennifer was flown Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto where she was told that she would never walk again.

During Jennifer’s 5-week stay at Sunnybrook she regained movement in her left arm with minimal movement in her legs.

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Jennifer Wright – Spinal Cord Injury

On April 12/09 my life changed. In an ATV accident I became paralyzed from a fracture at T12 L1. Next came the fight for my life in rehabilitation. It started with a 1 1/2 month stay at Parkwood’s Spinal Cord Injury unit. Then after coming home I went to Parkwood’s Outpatient Pysiotherapy twice a week. Over the course of 3 years I battled pressure ulcers, muscle atrophy, foot drop, bilateral carpel tunnel and just for fun, gall bladder surgery!

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Todd Smith

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