Adapted Fitness Classes

Adapted Fitness Classes

Clients who walk through Aim2Walk’s NeuroChangers on Tuesdays around lunchtime can typically hear upbeat music playing. Sarah Osman, R. Kin and instructor of the Adapted Fitness class, tells us what the excitement is about in the fitness room.

The benefits of exercise in reducing the risks of health problems are well known. The physical benefits, such as increased strength and mobility, can enhance one’s quality of life and lead to more independence. Additionally, research shows that exercising regularly can improve our mental health and well-being by boosting our morale and self-esteem. Participating in organized sports or attending a fitness class is also a great way to socialize and have fun!

However, it can be daunting to step into a gym if you are new to exercise or face physical limitations.

Adapted Fitness is a community-based exercise class suitable for those living with a chronic health condition or a disability, and who are looking to stay physically active in a safe and supportive environment. The class is designed to help improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Aim2Walk’s NeuroChangers is proud to be a Heart Wise Exercise certified facility.

What is Heart Wise Exercise (HWE) you might ask?

As a HWE certified instructor, I include a proper warm-up and cool down to ensure that your body adjusts gradually for the main components of the class (aerobic exercise and strength training). I provide various levels of intensity throughout the class and encourage participants to go at their own pace and choose a level that is appropriate for them. Exercise modifications and assistance from our wonderful student volunteers are always available to help you challenge yourself a little more each week.

For more information on Heart Wise Exercise, check out:

Join the fun every Tuesday from 12-1pm for only $5!

Sarah Osman
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