Have you been bitten by a mosquito?

Have you been bitten by a mosquito?

images-7It’s long weekend and with only a couple more weeks of warm weather, it’s a prime time to enjoy every last minute outside. Going to the cottage, having camp fires in the back yard, hiking, playing sports, the list goes on and on for adventures outside. If you’ve all ready spent some time outside this summer, I’m sure you’ve had a run in with a few nasty mosquitoes. Not only do they have an annoying buzz as they fly around your head, there bite can hurt for days after they sink there sting right into your skin.

As you may have heard, DEET which is found in most insect repellants, has been known to be very dangerous and harmful to humans. Many studies have shown that DEET impairs cell function in the brain and it has been known to cause seizures and even death. In fact, DEET on plastic, melts plastic, I can only imagine what this chemical is doing to our insides.
Lets take a look at some natural bug repellants so we can still enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive.

Create your own:
Fill a 100mL bottle half witch hazel, vodka and/or cooking oil and half water. Add 15 drops of one of these following insect repelling oils. I like to add 2 or 3 to make it effective and smelling divine.

  1. Lemon Eucalyptus oil. This oil comes from the Eucalyptus tree’s native to Australia. Did you know that for many years people believed that the koala bears eating the leaves of the Eucalyptus trees get a natural high? This is why they believe a Koala bear sleeps for 22 hours a day. Research has shown that perhaps this is not the case however it seems suspicious being they sleep for so many hours a day.
  2. Citronella oil. This lemon smelling goodness is generally used as a candle to ward off mosquitoes, it has also been effective to keep away lice and black flies.
  3. Cinnamon oil. Apparently the cinnamon oil destroys the mosquito larva however it is unknown if it wards off the adult mosquitoes. Mix this oil with other oils to be sure your keeping the blood-sucking insects away.
  4. Catnip oil. If your NOT a cat lover, this is the oil of choice for you! Not only does this oil keep the mosquitoes away but it will also keep the cats away.
  5. Peppermint oil. This is also known to kill off the larva, and it tastes good too.
  6. Vanilla oil. Yum, this is one of my favorites because it smells so good!


It’s important to realize that these are all natural and may not last as long as some chemical based repellants, please be sure to apply frequently.

Keeping your concoction in the fridge will allow it to stay fresh longer and keep it from losing potency.

If you have been bitten and you notice an unusual rash or swelling, go to the emergency room immediately.

If you have tried your own mixture or if you have any other great ideas, please share so we can pass along the knowledge.

Enjoy your long weekend mosquito free!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT
Protocol Therapist, Director of Social Media


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