How Aim2Walk’s Neurochangers helped inspire the next chapter of a budding Kinesiologist.

How Aim2Walk’s Neurochangers helped inspire the next chapter of a budding Kinesiologist.

Physiotherapy in Toronto is a very competitive market.  Within a few miles from anywhere in the city you can find a clinic looking to make a difference to help those who need the care.  At Neurochangers we have several therapist who are qualified in different modalities such as Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Massage and Acupuncture and each therapist has furthered their knowledge with specialised courses in their field. With this knowledge we recognize that it is important to teach others and to help the next generation of therapists.  This is one of the reasons why we allow students to help with our therapy sessions.  Not only does it give them the opportunity to learn new skills, it also shows them how we work outside the box. We love to challenge the “rules” of the body and to try new techniques and skills for each client. Thalia Hanniman was recently a student with us and she is now volunteering once a week so she can continue to learn.  We look forward to see where her career will go in the near future. She has written a blog below to explain a bit about her time with us at  Aim2Walk’s Neurochangers. 

Since as long as I can remember all I knew was school and sports. I was always keen on learning and bettering my skills towards schoolwork and athletics but as many of us have before, I reached the end of my time at school and began to think: what next?

DSCF5721I have always went through the motions of school, enjoyed learning and everything to do with human kinetics but I never really knew where I wanted my place to be in this field. I have completed many placements at clinics and fitness studios in the past but I have never walked into a place that exuded such positive energy as Aim2Walk. Not only was I challenged mentally with the amount of robotic technology, exercise techniques and therapy methods I was also inspired by everyone who came into the clinic. No matter how tired I was going into placement I always couldn’t stop smiling when I could see the hard work people were putting in.

DSCF5724Not only were the clients inspiring but the staff as well. Coming from a background in sports I rely a lot on a team dynamic, and that’s what they bring at Aim2Walk, a team. They all help each other learn and grow as practitioners and it was amazing as a student to see and be involved in the learning process.

After such an amazing experience meeting so many great people I have learned that I made the right decision in this field and instead of fearing the future I now walk into it with excitement. As long as I am working in a field that inspires me and allows me to help others I know I will be happy. So thank you to everyone at Aim2Walk for making this experience one to remember.

Thalia Hanniman

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