Jesse Lown

Jesse’s professional career spans over 14 years in the field of alternative medicine, including over 3 years living and working in BeiJing China. In BeiJing he specialized in Acupuncture, TuiNa Medical Massage, Mind-Body Exercise Systems, and Classical Chinese Philosophy (he was also exceptionally skilled at eating weird food). He has worked with a wide variety of medical ailments, though now thoroughly enjoys specializing in the developing field of neuroplasticity.


Jesse’s passion is to revolutionize integrated medicine in a clinical setting. This pursuit has led him to effectively implement treatment methodologies from both traditional and modern perspectives of practice. Jesse is constantly challenging his knowledge and personal experience with new research and ideas to maximize his clinical success. This has also led him to be recognized for his exceptional teaching skills, particularly within interdisciplinary clinical settings.


Jesse regularly complains about having way too much on his mind, and relies on the meditative process of cappuccino making to ease the relentless onslaught of his existential inspired inner dialogue.

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