Stop the suffering and improve your posture!

Stop the suffering and improve your posture!

Have you ever wondered why your back, neck and shoulders are so darn sore? Perhaps its a result of our current lifestyles which require the same repetitive motions in a forward position. This causes our shoulders to internally rotate and our spine to curve, creating stress and strain on our neck, and shoulders. As a massage therapist I would strongly suggest a few back exercises to strengthen those weak muscles in the back and to follow I would recommend Alignmed’s postural shirts. Wether you’re sitting at a desk, driving your car, working out at the gym or watching TV, having good posture is helpful to maintaining a healthy muscle balance and the Aligned posture shirts maybe a key piece to helping you achieve proper posture. The Elasticity bands within the shirts help decrease the strain and keep the body in proper alignment.


Here’s a bit more about the technology: (Info from

Primary technology consists of: NEUROBANDS® – Our bands are composed of variable elasticity that mirror the contractive properties of muscles that train soft tissue and joints. This strengthens and aligns the body naturally by targeting specific anatomic zones, creating functional pull and neuromuscular stimulation. 

Muscle Mapping™ – Our strategic placement of our  NEUROBAND® TECHNOLOGY; Augmenting the kinetic movement of the muscles and creating the exact amount of tension and support required for each muscle.

David from Know Your Body Best stopped in to the clinic to give us more information about the alignment shirts and to allow us to put the shirts to the test. In the photos below we are trying out the vest which also has the side strapes to help improve both shoulder and lower back posture.


These high-tech shirts are already in our Durham location and we are looking at getting them for our Toronto Location. If you would like to learn more about the shirts and/or if you have interest in trying a shirt on please contact us at If your in the Durham area feel free to stop by the clinic and try them on.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT
Protocol Therapist, Director of Social Media

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