Thankful for the helping hand!

Thankful for the helping hand!

imagesApril is National Volunteer month and each year we like to reflect on some of the outstanding individuals who help make our therapists and clients lives easier. Running a multifaceted neurological facility takes a team. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” we feel the same about Aim2Walk. On any given day, we treat 15-40 people with a variety of different needs and having an extra set of hands from our volunteers helps make our day run smooth and allows our clients to have focused, quality therapy.

Most days we have 1-4 students and/or volunteers listening, watching and helping in anyway they can while soaking up information we give them. We pride ourselves in being a learning facility and take the time to answer any questions they may have. It’s a win, win situation; they get to learn from our well rounded educated therapists and we get help with lifting or transferring clients and assistance with exercises. Being that we are a neurological facility, many of our clients are with us for years, and having new faces in the clinic means fresh, new conversation for our clients (not that our therapists are boring, however it’s always nice to add new topics to the conversation.)

Being that we have some of the worlds top technology for rehabilitation, it’s not that difficult to find volunteers and students, and we are always happy to have an extra set of hands at the clinic. If you are interested in volunteering or just curious to see if this would be a career for you, feel free to stop in, call 416-679-9255, or email *Just a little tip… majority of our therapists were volunteers with us prior to their full time career at Aim2Walk.

Here’s a few pictures from this years volunteers and students.

IMG_7369IMG_5840 IMG_6466 kellyIMG_6206IMG_6533Happy National Volunteer Month!

Michelle Wolfe

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