Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) at NeuroChangers

NeuroChangers has partnered with ABI Wellness to offer the Brain Enhancement and Recovery System (BEARS) in Toronto and Durham. BEARS is a research-based program that helps people address their individual cognitive challenges and enhance their brain health.

Change Your Brain

Are you dealing with memory problems? Do you have difficulty with mental focus, multitasking, or organizing and planning your thoughts? Do stressors make you more emotional, fatigued, make social situations difficult, or lead you to feel more anxious or depressed?

BEARS is an ideal solution for a wide range of cognitive difficulties. It addresses long-term symptoms such as fatigue, memory difficulties, depression, anxiety, irritability, impulsiveness, trouble concentrating, impaired self-control and emotional regulation, and difficulty with planning, learning, and communicating.

The Four Pillars of BEARS

Combining research and therapies to create a higher standard of care, the BEARS Program is a four-pillar approach to cognitive care:

1) Cardio Program

Prepares the brain for more effective cognitive training through aerobic exercise.

2) Cognitive Training

Helps restore working memory, processing speed, attention, and reasoning.

3) Mindfulness Curriculum

Reduces depressive symptoms, combats overall stress and fatigue, decreases pain after brain injury, and increases energy levels.

4) Progress Tracking

Automated digital tools deliver real-time engagement and progress tracking, accessible by clients and facilitators.


Neuroplasticity, the science BEARS is based on, is the brain’s ability to change and adapt. Through specific actions, the brain is able to generate new neurons and make new connections. This means that people are able to learn, or re-learn, new skills and strengthen cognitive capabilities. BEARS takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplastic capacity to help participants target their cognitive deficits and change their brains.

While traditional cognitive programs typically use compensatory strategies to help clients cope with their limited capacities after injury or illness, BEARS focuses instead on cognitive capacity building through neuroplastic programming. This approach helps people regain abilities they’ve lost from injury or illness, enhance cognition, and improve their overall quality of life long-term rather than live within the limits of their reduced capacities.

Success in Recovery

BEARS outcomes exceed the baseline for cognitive recovery:

  • 77% Return to Work Rate compared to 40% rate with traditional compensatory rehab programs.
  • 100% of BEARS clients have reported an improvement in overall quality of life.
  • 71% of BEARS clients have seen general cognition improvements, including learning ability, memory, attention and concentration.
  • 68% of clients have seen improvements in their mental health, including decreased anger, anxiety and depression.

Get Started With BEARS

BEARS was designed with the vision of raising the standard of cognitive healthcare and improving quality of life for everyone. Our aim is to offer hope and accessible treatment to all those who face seemingly insurmountable cognitive challenges.

Contact us to book a free 15-minute phone call consultation and get started with the BEARS program right away!

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