NeuronRoom ABI Program

At Our Toronto Location: Developed in response to the demand for cognitive rehabilitation seen in our Neurorehab clinic.

What is the NeuronRoom ABI Program?

While movement and mobility focused rehabilitation is a well established industry standard, cognitive rehabilitation is not. Many people who have suffered concussions, strokes, or other brain related traumas, have been lost in the cracks. Even years after they have been dismissed from the medical system, they are unsure where to seek help for the persistent symptoms they continue to suffer from.

Given the complexity of brain injury, this program looks to maximize potential improvement by employing a multi-faceted treatment approach. By covering as many restorative bases as possible, chances of improvement increase. Currently the program is designed for in-person sessions, but soon there will also be a remote version accessible to anybody, anywhere.

12 weeks total, 2 x week. Each session is 1.5 hours. This includes a pre-session BrainFX assessment, a program completion follow-up phone call to discuss results, 24 group movement/breathing/NeuroTracker sessions, 12 weeks of nutritional supplements, and a 3 month personalized cognitive recovery journal. In-home strategies will be suggested at no additional cost, including remote NeuroTracker sessions and daily movement routines.

1) Cognitive Recovery Journal: Used to improve executive functioning, a journal is provided to assist in organization, time-tracking, generating to-do lists, setting priorities and tracking important daily activities like diet, sleep and mood. This customized journal includes sections for treatment tracking, healthy habit building, daily ritual mapping, and assessment data.

2) Advanced Sensory Focused Movement: Implemented though a series of repetitive movements in a group setting, these drills engage the whole body and include actions such as weight shifting, cross-lateral motion, hand and eye coordination and smooth movement control. In addition to this, a hand-held apparatus is used to assist in developing spacial awareness and more complex movement combinations.

3) Breathing: Specialty breathing methods are used to improve the nervous systems regulatory control of the body. Symptoms like hypersensitivity, emotional agitation, and pain can be addressed effectively with good breathing techniques.

4) NeuroTracker: NeuroTracker training has been shown to improve fundamental cognitive abilities with rapid results, even for very low-functioning individuals. As NeuroTracker robustly improves attention, executive function, working memory, processing speed, and other central brain functions, clinicians use NeuroTracker as core part of interventions to improve concentration, focus, awareness, sustained attention, selective attention, distributed attention, dynamic attention, vision, response control, and processing speed.

5) Nutritional Package: Nutritional supplement protocol designed to assist in regulating neuro-inflammation, digestion, and immune function.

6) BrainFx Screen Cognitive Assessment:

BrainFx SCREEN is specifically designed to be sensitive to mild to moderate dysfunction from brain disorders and is connected to real-world function for practical recommendations that improve quality of life. It is a validated, shortened version of the BrainFx 360, and assists in determining whether a more comprehensive assessment is needed.

BrainFx 360 Cognitive Assessment can be administered on request (at an additional fee). This is a more comprehensive assessment that measures performance across the cognitive, physical and psychosocial areas of neurofunction through engaging and interactive activities delivered via tablet by a trained clinician.

7) HRV Monitoring: Heart rate variability is a measurement used to quantify an individuals response to stress, and can be measured/recorded with an app on any smart phone (using the camera). Monitoring HRV over time will create a baseline that will detect when your body is under too much stress, indicating the need for a recovery day, as well as indicate days when your stress levels are under control, indicating the opportunity for more challenging activities. A brain injury will shift ones nervous system into a fight-or-flight stress state. Using daily HRV readings gives valuable biofeedback that can help fine tune individual recovery programs, maximizing results and avoiding burnout.

This is a group session (limited to 4 participants per group), with a one-time fee of $2900 for the full program. There are no additional costs aside from the purchase of a $10 app for HRV readings.

To inquire about the next start date, or ask us anything about program, please feel free to contact us.


Peer reviewed research shows that NeuroTracker training significantly enhances attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

NeuroTracker emerged out of 20 years of neuroscience research to enhance mental performance. It challenges you to track multiple targets moving dynamically in 3D space. Training adapts speed and complexity in a way that maximizes your cognitive training at every step.