Hocoma Lokomat

The Lokomat is the most advanced robotic technology available for gait training and neurological re-patterning. (Toronto only)


FES Bike

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a rehabilitation technique where stimulation is applied to an individual for the purpose of enhancing his/her ability to perform functions. (Toronto only)

Amadeo Tyromotion

The Amadeo Tyromotion is the only robotic hand and finger rehabilitation device and it has been designed for treating neurological impairments. (Toronto only)


Stabilometric Platform

The ALFA Stabilometric Platform is a simple yet comprehensive biofeedback devices for testing, measuring and training balance. (Toronto only)


G-EO System

The G-EO System offers the unique feature of realistically simulating climbing stairs. Developed with the purpose to help regain independence in daily living. (Durham only)

Hocoma ArmeoSpring

The ArmeoSpring is a spring loaded arm exoskeleton that utilizes available arm function to improve the neuromuscular control of an affected shoulder, elbow and hand.

Bioness H200

The Bioness H200 uses low-level electrical stimulation to activate the various muscle groups in the hand and forearm, allowing you to open and close your hand.


Sonic Sonix

The Sonic Sonix is a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) device that harnesses the therapeutic benefits of sound.