Bioness H200

The H200 Hand Rehabilitation System from Bioness is a medical device that uses low-level electrical stimulation to activate the various muscle groups in the hand and forearm allowing you to open and close your hand.

The Bioness H200 is intended to provide certain individuals with hand paralysis the ability to grasp and release objects while performing ordinary and essential activities of daily living.

The H200 supports the wrist in a functioning position, allowing the fingers and thumb to move efficiently while reaching, grasping and pinching. The H200 is intended to increase or maintain hand range of motion, reduce muscle spasms, prevent muscle disuse atrophy, re-educate muscles and increase blood circulation. For Spinal Cord Injury or Stroke survivors – the H200 is also intended to provide active range of motion for the hand and increased hand function.

How does the H200 help?

The H200 helps by:

  • Increasing hand function
  • Increasing or maintaining hand range of motion
  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Preventing muscle loss
  • Re-educating muscles
  • Increasing blood circulation

Who does the H200 help?

The H200 helps those who are affected by:

  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis